The FutureĀ of homeworking

The way we work, interact and meet with our team mates have changed a lot in recent times and many studies and researches shows that homeworking will stay in future. But how do we cope with the challenges it creates?

Challenges of homeworking

The biggest challenges for most businesses is to keep their employees engaged with the company values, the Company DNA and most important how to keep everybody motivated and have the feel of being part of one and the same team?

The solution we offer

We started OhYo as we have seen in real life that these changes bring these challenges and the goal at OhYo is to give more than only a way to interact via webcam and voice.

Our mission is to bring a solution where businesses can interact, meet, make fun and collaborate with their team in a total unique and informal way.

Feel and experience you are being together even though you can sit miles away from each other or even in different time zones.

Collaborate to improve OhYo

We already have covered some ground with our product, see the completed and upcoming features below. We love to get feedback as well to even improve our products more. We encourage working together in a collaborate way, so join us in our mission to become the best and most interactive social meeting platform of the web.

Milestone 1: completed

  1. One open virtual world
  2. Interact via webcam and voice
  3. Give live presentation to your team
  4. Distance audio, like in real life!
  5. Have some fun with soap cars and skateboards
  6. Wear silly hats to goof around

Milestone 2: In progress

  1. Create different area’s to hangout and have meetings
  2. Add live team-building events and social games
  3. Company Branding

Milestone 3: Upcoming

Join the BETA program

Does your company needs help making a good transition to homeworking where you keep your team motivated and engaged with your company values? Then hit the button below and sign-up for our BETA program to see what OhYo is about and to experience yourself how different online meetings can be.

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